About Cat

I’m Cat … and this is my food. So glad you’re checking out my site!

Having worked in and around the food industry for better then a decade at everything from prep cook all the way up the ladder to executive pastry chef, restaurant consultant and cooking instructor, I get my inspiration from the wide range of ingredients I find year round in my local market. I rarely cook from recipes these days, instead a trip to the market and one particular ingredient will be the catalyst for a great meal at home. Where do I feel like “traveling” – Italy, Greece, South East Asia? I tend to pick an ingredient, pick a destination and then “cook by color” using indigenous ingredients to create the particular cuisine I’m craving.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t read cookbooks anymore. I read them like they were mysteries – suspense around every corner! A new technique? An ingredient I’ve never heard of? 101 ways to cook something as simple as an egg? Who knew?? Spending time with other foodies through the pages of their books, and these days their websites and blogs arouses my creativity endlessly.

I’m wildly passionate about food and sharing my knowledge, love and recipes based on local, seasonal ingredients. That’s what Cat Food is all about. I can’t wait to share some with you!

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